My career in the health and fitness industry was as much of a surprise to me as it was to any one Runningwho knew me.  I was an artist (still am) and designer for over 15 years,  I sold my work at the One of A Kind Canadian Craft Show and Trade shows in Toronto, New York and San Francisco.  That meant I had a lot of commitments and daily orders to fill which required me to sit for many, many hours per day. The only form of physical activity I engaged in was walking and the occasional yoga class.  Although I loved what I was doing, the demands of my work took over and my life felt totally unbalanced and unhealthy.  I felt creaky and tired most of the time. Somewhere along the way I decided to take charge and make some changes.  I got off my butt and hired a Personal Trainer who motivated and inspired me.  Voila, here I am 10 years later, trying my best to do the same for someone else.

I find it so rewarding to assist people in reaching their goals, whether it’s losing a bit of weight, climbing a mountain, running their first 5K,  or simply living with less pain.  It’s exciting to see someone feel better about themselves physically and realize they are capable of doing things that they never thought they could possibly do. We should all be comfortable in our skin!


After I acquired my Personal Training certification with Canadian Professional Trainers Network I began my fitness career at the YMCA.  There, I had the opportunity to design and instruct the Women and Weights Program, educating women on the benefits and proper form of weight training.  I also trained and educated participants in the YMCA In Motion program, where we guided and assisted individuals dealing with arthritis, as well as hip and knee pre and post surgery wellness. The Break Through program, designed for the prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis was a big part of my training over the years.  I quickly became the go-to trainer for clients and members with joint issues or special health concerns. Conducting fitness tests also became a regular part of my job.

After over six years at the YMCA,  I decided to strike out on my own and take it on the road! For the last few years I have been doing In-Home Personal Training in the Hamilton/Burlington area.  There are a lot of obstacles on the road to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Working out in your own environment can make the process more time efficient and less complicated. No more getting all your stuff together, getting in your car in the dark, cold, early hours of the morning to get to the gym where you do your workout then pack up all your stuff again, jump back in the car and drive to work.  If you workout with a trainer at home, you save a lot of time by eliminate all the running around, allowing you to focus on the important part. Nor do you need a lot of equipment or machines to get a great workout.  Sometimes, less is more.  A stability ball, an exercise band and some dumbbells and you’re good to go. It isn’t all the fancy gear that will improve your fitness and attain your goals, it is your inclination and commitment.  It’s also important to have someone on your side to provide the motivation to keep you going, be it a Personal Trainer, a friend or a spouse.

Depending on the client’s needs and goals, yoga is a regular component of many of my programs. It can greatly increase and maintain flexibility as well as enhancing your posture and awareness.  I am certified by East To West Yoga  to teach yoga within my Personal Training practice. 

I also incorporate Mat Pilates training to improve posture and alignment. As well as building a strong core.

Restorative and mobility training is a necessary element to most training sessions. This allows one to develop and maintain posture, flexibility, mobility and fluid movement.

Although I am aware that not everyone wants or aspires to run, I do love to train people to run whether it’s their first 5k or training for endurance and/or speed. Running is my passion… I love to read about it, talk about it, share the latest info on it, and of course, do it…as much and as often as I can!


Roseatta Long, CPTN-CPT











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