Getting Started

“Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason it will”

Your First Step                                                                                          Be Part Of A Tribe-roseatta

Please contact us by phone or email with any questions you may have. We can then set up an appointment for your fitness assessment. The initial assessment is 90 minutes. We begin by discussing your lifestyle, health history, diet and nutrition, activity level and goals.  This is your opportunity to ask any questions you might have pertaining to how to get started on your goals, reasonable time lines and expectations. We will then do your fitness test to have a good idea of where you’re starting at.  

BeFitness Assessment

Doing an initial fitness test will give you concrete numbers to measure your accomplishments and changes that you’ve made. It is part of your initial assessment. Here we take your body measurements, evaluate and test your flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and your upper body, lower body and core strength.  We will send you a detailed evaluation after the initial assessment and then, depending on your goals and time line, we can book another re-test date to measure your success in achieving a new level of fitness! Your future testing is the price of a regular 60 minute training session with the purchase of four or more sessions.

To contact us call 905-515-4947 or click here to contact us


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